tech • bio • data

Our mission

We’re here to create sustainable competitive advantage in the businesses we know best: digital health, pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical diagnostic, and life sciences. We work across disciplines, in regulated and unregulated markets, to invest, innovate and deliver patient benefits through intelligent use of data.

Our approach

Our approach reflects our mission, charting investment allocations, data strategies, and digital transformations across science, clinical and health markets. Our industry experience, biomedical expertise, and entrepreneurial know-how deliver a potent mix of strategic & operational insights to fuel growth and guide smart investments.

Our experience

We’ve catalyzed cross-disciplinary teams to deliver data- and AI-driven innovations in: life sciences tools • precision medicine • real world evidence • clinical research • biomarker discovery • drug repurposing • predictive drug discovery • genome analysis • systems biology • pathway analysis • deep curation • privacy & data rights • semantic search • data management • and more...