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* Licensing Description
* Software License(pdf)

* Current version: 1.5.1
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* Release Notes
* Known Problems
* Version History

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Mercutio MDEF Site Map

Mercutio MDEF FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about the Mercutio MDEF

Mercutio MDEF
Mercutio MDEF Home Page

Terms of Use
Describes the terms and conditions under which the Mercutio MDEF can be used in your software. Includes a pointer to the official (legal) license.

Mercutio and non-U.S. Keyboards
Describes some of the difficulties in implementing multiple modifier key support for the many keyboard configurations supported by the MacOS. If you are having trouble with Mercutio on a non-US keyboard, read this.

Mercutio MDEF 1.3 Overview
Describes the features of the Mercutio MDEF.

Registered Mercutio Users
List of developers and products that use Mercutio

Mercutio Developer Registration
Registration form for Mercutio users

Release Notes and Known Problems
Lists changes and known problems in the current release of Mercutio.

Mercutio Site Map
This page

Contacting Digital Alchemy for support or bug reports.

Version History
Lists changes in each release of Mercutio.

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