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Hall Of Fame

(Registered Developers)
The following are some of the 100+ Macintosh applications that use the Mercutio MDEF. Applications without links haven't been registered through the registration page.

Instant Message/Buddy List(TM) application for the Internet. You can communicate with your Internet buddies or any of AOL's 10 million members directly with AIM!

ACADEMY PLUS from M. Richards & Assoc.
Midrange classroom management package - collects marked data and other lists, generates weighted percent grades from various types of marking: letter or numeric, generates rectangular seating plans and specific monthly attendance sheets, can dial modem when list of numbers included.

ADOBE FRAMEMAKER from Adobe Systems Incorporated
The power to publish the most challenging documents

ADOBE PAGEMAKER from Adobe Systems Incorporated
The world's leading professional page layout software

ADOBE PAGEMILL from Adobe Systems Incorporated
An easy-to-use WYSIWYG authoring tool for creating web pages.

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP from Adobe Systems Incorporated
Create, paint, correct, and retouch with the "camera for your mind"

ADOBE SITEMILL from Adobe Systems Incorporated
The easiest way to manage your Web site

ALPHA TEXT EDITOR from Pete Keleher
High-performance, flexible, customizable text editor. Major modes that support electric editing, marking, and automatic syntax coloring for HTML, Java, LaTeX, C/C++, and Perl, along w/ 22 others.

APOLLO from Jeremy Roussak
Launching utility

BBEDIT from Bare Bones Software, Inc.
BBEdit is a high-performance text and HTML editor for the Macintosh.

BERNIE ][ THE RESCUE from F.E.Systems
Apple IIgs emulator for Power Macintosh

CADINTOSH from Lemke Software
CADintosh is a 2D CAD drawing program.

CINDEX from Indexing Research
Software for preparing indexes to books and other publications

CODEWARRIOR from Metrowerks
An integrated development environment

COMMOTION from Puffin Desgins, Inc.
Animation and special effects program.

COMMUNICATE LITE 1.5 from Mark/Space Softworks
Modular Comm Toolbox based terminal program. Power Mac Native, System 7.5 savvy, supports drag and drop. Includes all Apple tools and our own ZMODEM Tool. Extra tools available for PC-ANSI, Videotex, TCP/Telnet and more under development. $49.95 SRP. Available in English, French, and German. Bundled with modems and ISDN cards from many manufacturers.

CURVUS PRO from Arizona
This is a powerful mathematical graphing program with builtin drawing tools. In addition to handling real-valued functions, it also plots parametrically defined functions, polar functions, and functions of a complex variable. It uses intuitive notation to simplify input. User-defined functions are supported. Useful features include plotting tangent lines, locating local extrema, drawing osculating circles, drawing and computing areas under a curve, and interscections of curves. There is extensive on-line help. Unfortunately for the English-only user, everything (documentation, menus, etc.) is in French. Tested on a PowerBook 5300ce running System 7.5.3 with no runtime problems.

DIGITAL PERFORMER from Mark of the Unicorn, Inc.
Integrated Digital Audio and MIDI Sequencer

Dot-to-Dot is a simple braille editor for the Macintosh. It is intended to be used by trained braille transcribers. It is basically a text editor that can interpret six keys on the keyboard as a brailler, with some extra features that make a braille transcriber's job a little easier.

EMCS WORKSTATION from Cornell University
Operator interface sotware for the Energy Management and Control System (EMCS). Not yet available via the web site, but will be!

EXCENTRO from Gregory Sapunkov

FASTPACE INSTANT CONTACT from Attain Corporation
FastPace Instant Contact is a fast, simple, powerful contact manager that you can use to store names, addresses, e-mail contacts, phone numbers, and notes. FastPace can print address books, envelopes, mailing labels, and form letters. FastPace also integrates with Attain's IN CONTROL.

FINAL DRAFT from B.C.Software
Final Draft, the number one choice among Hollywood's professional writers. Specifically designed for writing movie scripts, TV episodes, and stageplays, it combines powerful word processing with professional script formatting in one self-contained easy-to-use package. There is no need to learn about script formatting rules - Final Draft automatically paginates and formats your script to industry standards as you write. Use your creative energy to focus on content; let Final Draft take care of the style.

FINDERNOTE from Jae Ho Chang
FinderNote is a simple text editor whose document can be read on the Desktop without needing to run any application.

FRANCE EXPLORER from Computer Answer Line
Communication Software for internet access.

FRETPET from Hot Eggs
FretPet is a unique guitar-oriented music sequencer which is fun, simple, and educational. While you play with notes, chords, scales, and tunings the theory of music begins to sink deep into every pore. Get in the groove with FretPet now!

GLOSOR from Mikael Bergerholm
Application for learning foreign languages, exists in swedish and english version, link below leads to the page of my english sharewares.

GRAF 4.0 from CNRS
General and mathematical processing of time-resolved data obtained from various biochmical kinetic measurements.


GREG'S BROWSER from Greg's Shareware
A multi-pane file browser based on the NeXT (and Rhapsody) directory browser.

GRUNERTWEIG from Vincent's Workshop
Project tracking and A/R application for projects with multiple workers, rates, clients.

HYPERION from Martin Osieka
Hypertext viewer

IN CONTROL from Attain Corporation
IN CONTROL is a Planner and Organizer that help you juggle a host of projects, phone calls, meetings, errands and deadlines. IN CONTROL combines a calendar with the powerful and flexible Action Outliner that makes it easy to organize and track all your activities.

IDEA KEEPER from harvard university
Free Form Note Management program

IMAGEXPO 2.0 from Group Logic, Inc.
Remote softproofing and annotation software for graphic arts professionals

IRCLE 3.0 from MacResponse
A macintosh IRC client

JEDIT2.0 from Matsumoto & Co.,Ltd.
Text Editor for Japanese that can handle JIS, JIS, EUC, NEC-JIS, ACOS-JIS, CIS-JIS,Unicode, UTF8 codes.

LABANWRITER from the ohio state university department of dance
labanotation (dance notation) editor.

LANSATELLITE from Trygve Isaacson
LanSatellite lets you monitor and diagram AppleTalk networks. The network is searched asynchronously, and the results are displayed in Finder-like list and MacDraw-like icon views. Accelerated for Power Macintosh. Shareware $20.

LEMUR from CERL Sound Group / NCSA Audio Development Group
a sinusoidal modeling application for digital sound analysis, manipulation, and synthesis (see web page for more details than you could possibly want)

LETTERRIP from Fog City Software, Inc.
LetterRip is a mailing list server for Macintosh. It is a real hands-off, easy-to-set-up, no-brainer sort of a product. It is honestly possible to -- from scratch -- get a mailing list up and running in less than 10 minutes. You can easily set up digests with a click of the mouse. Moderated and announcement lists are as simple as entering an email address. Although easy to use and administer, it's got lots of power under the hood including a client/server architecture with remote administration and a multi-threaded design.

LIBRARIAN from Microspot, Inc.
Image library and scrapbook

MRGraphics is a graphical ad composition application used in creating ads for use in the Yellow Pages. Imagine combining the most used features of Illustrator with the most used features of Canvas and then making the application client-server based.

MT-NEWSWATCHER from Simon Fraser
A multi-threaded version of NewsWatcher

MAC JDK from Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Java Development Kit for the Macintosh.

MACGS from jeff schindall
Macintosh port of Aladdin Ghostscript

MACLOGFILTER from Axolotl International
Internet Log Hits Filter App

MACPERL from Aere Perennius Software
Macintosh port of the Perl programming langage

MACZPOINT from macnetic software
MacZPoint is a "pointsoftware" for zconnect protocol supported mailboxsystems. zconnect is supported by many (>1000) mailboxsystems in germany and is compareable to fido. MacZPoint is available in german language only.

MACJORDOMO from Cornell University
Macintosh listserver (freeware)

MATHEMATICA from Wolfram Research, Inc.
Mathematica is the world's only fully integrated environment for numerical, algebraic, graphical, and other technical computing tasks. Its language component is widely used as a research, prototyping, and interface environment. Mathematica has become important in a remarkably wide range of fields. Mathematica is used today throughout the sciences--physical, biological, social, and other--and counts many of the world's foremost scientists among its enthusiastic supporters. It has played a crucial role in many important discoveries and has been the basis for thousands of technical papers. In engineering, Mathematica has become a standard tool for both development and production, and by now many of the world's important new products rely at one stage or another in their design on Mathematica. In commerce, Mathematica has played a significant role in the growth of sophisticated financial modeling, as well as being widely used in many kinds of general planning and analysis. Mathematica has also emerged as an important tool in computer science and software development: its language component is widely used as a research, prototyping, and interface environment.

METRO 3.5 from Cakewalk Music Software
Metro is a full-featured professional MIDI recording and composing tool. In addition to its superior graphic editing interface and robust MIDI editing features like Groove Quantize, Metro offers creativity features found nowhere else, such as its Rhythm Explorer. Metro's comprehensive feature set, fast performance on all Macintoshes (including a PPC-native version), and affordable pricing make it an unbeatable value. Metro supports SMPTE, QuickTime, sync to MIDI Time Code, Mark of the Unicorn's MIDI Time Piece MIDI interface and Unisyn 1.0 patch librarian software, Opcode's OMS and Galaxy patch librarian software, and more. Metro also supports full syncronization with Macromedia's DECK II digital audio recording software, making Metro and DECK II an exceptional comprehensive music authoring environment for composers, producers, and multimedia professionals. Check Cakewalk's web site ( for more complete information!

Midius ProjectPlanner is a tool for creating Gantt charts. It is suitable for small and mediumsized projects. With the Midius ProjectPlanner you can create Gantt charts, customize default base week work hours, customize team membersí work hours, customize default and team members calendar to adapt to local holidays and team members vacations, track slips in the time schedule. You make printouts and also export the chart in PICT or JPEG format.

MULBERRY from Cyrusoft International, Inc.
Graphically groovy IMAP email client for Macintosh and Win32. addToUsersList: checkbox mercutioannounce: Yes

MULLIGAN'S GOLF PERSONAL from Mulligan Software
Mac-First, Mac-Only Personal Golf Analysis and Statistical application for the serious and not-so-serious golfer.

NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR from Netscape, Inc.
A premiere web browser.

NEWTON'S AQUARIUM from Eureka Software Inc.
Newton's Aquarium is a solar system construction set for high school and college physics.

OBJECTPLANT from Mikael Arctaedius
An OMT analysis and design tool.

OPENLAB from Image Processing & Vision Co. Ltd.
Scientific Image Capture & Processing Laboratory workstation

Interenet mail/news client. Part of the Internet Explorer suite.

PEAK DIGITAL AUDIO TOOLS from Berkley Integrated Audio Software
Digital Audio Editor for Macintosh.

PREMISE Research Software version 3.7 (PREMISE), a software package provided by West Group, gives you the ability to access and search material stored on compact discs and magnetic media. PREMISE was designed for use with the West CD-ROM Libraries, but it can also be used to access WESTLAW, West Group's premier online legal research service.

PAGESPLITTER(TM) from Worthington Software Engineering, Inc.
PageSplitter(TM) is a time-saving tool from Worthington Software Engineering, Inc. for laying out and producing high-impact, graphical web pages where JavaScript rollovers, animation, HTML, Java applets and interactive elements are assembled into a seamless graphical design. PageSplitter works with your favorite HTML editors, imaging software and animation packages to produce cross-browser HTML pages in a fraction of time it would take to generate them by hand.

PAGESTREAM from SoftLogik Publishing
Macintosh desktop publishing application

PAN SOUND ENGINE from Meticulous Design Group
Pan is a theatrical sound design engine developed for use in our sound design jobs. it's a recording and play back interface. we're still developing, sparta is our main thing now...

PATCHDANCE V0.4.6 from Paul Sexton
Shareware 3D modeler for Power Macintosh. Highest performance/lowest memory requirement on the platform, among the most powerful as well. Uses Mercutio for dynamic menus and to support user-configurable menus.

POWERGENE M-FISH from Perceptive Scientific Instruments
Image analysis for multiple flourescence in-situ hybridization of human chromosomes.

POWERGLOT from PowerGlot Software
Localization tool for MacOS compatible software. PowerGlot is WorldScript-savvy, multi-byte languages aware, scriptable, and comes with Apple Guide and Balloon Help.

Freeware programmable calculator

RT SIMULATOR from Univ. Southern California
3D treatment planning applications

RADIO MASTER from BB's Custom Software
Music Scheduling Software for the Mac.

RAPSCALLION from Andy Lewis
A powerful MUD client, currently in beta testing. It has an extremely powerful and intuitive user interface, and more features than you can shake a stick at.

Screen Catcher is a screen capture application capable of taking snapshots of screen images and saving them as PICT, GIF, or JPEG files. It also allows images to be captured to the clipboard or to Screen Catcher's own windows, where they can manipulated to change the color palette or reduce the number of colors in the image before copying or saving.

AppleScriptable administration of the new Apple Network Server. Availability: Commercial

SHADE PERSONAL from Expression Tools Inc.
3D computer graphics program

SPARTA from Meticulous Design Group
a tpae organizing software package that was originally written in Hypertalk, but we're porting it to C++ now... Similar to WinTaper or Tape Tracker (but for the mac platform).

SPELLMANAGER from Wizards Unlimited
Currently only in development form. A FUll AD&D Spellist Management program.

STYLE from Merzwaren
A scriptable styled text editor.

SUPER COUNTDOWN from Matthew Software Productions
It's a nifty timer for the Mac. Counts up and down.

TABELL from Mikael Bergerholm
A program for generating personal timetables for your own busstop, out of those your public transportation company hopefully publishes. for now only in swedish.

URL MANAGER PRO 2.0 from Alco Blom Software
Bookmark manager for Web Browsers.

ULTIMATE LABEL PRINTER PRO 5.0 from Jordan Pinsker
Prints CD, Zip, SyQuest, Jaz, and Audio Tape case labels using a Plug-In technology. It should be released some time in December '97.

UNIDICT FOR MACOS from Enfour, Inc.
Multi-purpose dictionary engine (Japanese<>English)

WESTMATE 6.2 from West Group
WESTMATE 6.2 for the Macintosh customizes your computer for WESTLAW legal research.

WALLABY from Dark Eagle Software
Wallaby is a very easy to use HTML Editor for the Macintosh. It is designed for both the experienced web designer and the beginner. It combines a very handy user interface with lots of features.

WEB WARRIOR from University of Wisc-Madison
An HTML editor for the macintosh that make heavy use of the Mercutio MDEF. Extensible, scriptable, Frontier support, spell checker and more.

WEBCOLLAGE from Pensee Corporation
A tool for Webmasters to create dynamic graphics from the Web or their own data, on a schedule they set. To be released Q1 1997.

CH@T from @soft
ch@t is a FirstClass client extension that adds a new private chat function to it, including URL trapping, private messages, actions, kicks and more.

NETOCTOPUS from Company: Datawatch Corp
Cross-platform Network Management and System Administration product

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