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Terms of Use

This page describes the terms under which you may use Mercutio in your applications or distribute the Mercutio package. We've tried to come up with a licensing scheme that is fair and allows shareware and freeware developers to use Mercutio without paying a licensing fee.


Normally, to use Mercutio in your application, you license it from Digital Alchemy and pay a licensing fee. In general, the license lets you use and distribute the Mercutio MDEF in a single Macintosh application; you agree not distribute it except as part of the licensed application, and to include a certain copyright statement in your manual or on-line documentation. A more attractive alternative may be our Poor Man's License, which allows you to use Mercutio provide you credit us in your About box and manual, and send us a copy of the software.

Usage of the Mercutio MDEF is subject to a software license and licensing fee. Alternatively, the licensing fee can be waived through the Poor Man's License. Under the Poor Man's License, you can use Mercutio for free in your application if you do the following:

  1. Include a certain copyright statement in your About box.
  2. Include a similar copyright statement in your User manual and on-line documentation.
  3. Send us a copy of your product (including free upgrades to any future versions that still use the MDEF). If you are developing shareware or freeware that will be distributed across the Internet, you don't need to explicitly send me a copy. Just notify me when the software is released, tell me where I can find it, and include me in your database of registered users.

    Licensing the Mercutio MDEF

    If you want to use Mercutio in your software, do the following:
    1. Read the Object Code License, which describes the licensing fee and licensing terms in detail.

    2. Decide whether you want to pay the licensing fee or use the Poor Man's License.

      1. If you want to license Mercutio for a fee, please make payments out to Digital Alchemy and send them to the address below.

      2. If you want to license Mercutio according to the Poor Man's License, make the changes to your software and documentation as described in the object code license, and send your software to the address below.

    3. Register as a Mercutio user on the registration page.
    Please send payments and/or software to:

    Digital Alchemy
    3337 Brittan #7
    San Carlos, CA 94070

    If the software includes full on-line documentation, you can send it via e-mail to

    Use and Distribution of the Mercutio Package

    This section is for those who would like to include the Mercutio package in a shareware CD-ROM, Internet file archive, or other distribution vehicle.

    The Mercutio MDEF Distribution Package contains a fully functional version of the MDEF. You may copy, share or give the package to whomever you wish provide you always distribute the package in its entirety and no modifications are made to its contents; you may not sell, trade it, or otherwise charge for it.

    The Mercutio MDEF Distribution Package may be included as part of a CD-ROM or other collection of developer or on-line materials provided you notify Digital Alchemy of this fact.

    The Mercutio MDEF is Copyright © Ramon M. Felciano 1992-1997, All Rights Reserved..

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