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Users: If you think your Mac is crashing because of an old version of Mercutio in one of your apps, read the GDevice Bug FAQ.

9/10/2001: Moved hosting services; anonymous FTP disabled security reasons -- all downloads go over HTTP now.

11/30/2000: Updated snailmail address for license fees -- see licensing.

4/3/2000: Fixed broken links resulting from ISP switch.

5/28/98: Mercutio 1.5.2 released. Fixes cosmetic problems with dark Kaleidoscope schemes and 3D borders when the first or last item of a menu was dynamic. This release is the MDEF only.

5/28/98: Published GDevice Bug FAQ, geared towards end-users.

5/19/98: Mercutio 1.5.1 released. Improves MacOS8 support under Appearance Manager 1.0.2 and fixes cosmetic bugs. Mercutio 1.5 added MacOS8 support and fixed a GDevice handle bug that could lead to crashes if Mercutio was used to display popup menus.

The Mercutio MDEF is a Menu DEFinition resource that allow Macintosh developers to easily and elegantly extend the power of their application menus:

Mercutio's features include:

  • Full keyboard support: all 4 modifier keys (command, shift, option, control) as well as non-printing keys (function keys, page up/down, arrow keys, etc).

  • Dynamic items: items whose contents change depending on what modifier keys are being held down (e.g. when the option key is held down, "Save" becomes "Save All").

  • Application callback routines to let you decide on the fly what the item contents should be.

  • Full icon support: all types of icons, including icon suites, even under System 6. Supports small (16 x 16) and large (32 x 32) icons, including color icons, in all menu items (yes, hierarchical menu items as well).

  • Support for non-western scripts, including right-to-left writing systems.
A more complete overview describes the feature set in more detail. The documentation, "Inside Mercutio", and the Software License require Adobe Acrobat.


The current version of Mercutio is 1.5.2. You can download:

Cost and Registration

Mercutio is free to developers who give appropriate credit and send us a copy of the final software. For details, read the software license overview.

Mercutio is being used in a number of existing Macintosh applications. To see a partial list, check out the registered user listing. If you are a developer using Mercutio who hasn't registered, you can do so now using this registration form.

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